"Moving Mills to Peak Performance and Optimum Recovery"


Our Approach: Phase III

This is where you start implementing changes. Your team has established stretch goals meant to improve their area of focus and the operation as a whole. It is a time of high intensity and activity which energizes the company in every aspect.

III: The Campaign follow-up: Institutionalize the Profit Improvements, continuous improvement coaching

Our associates and extensive vendor contacts are specialists in almost every aspect of the wood products business and at this point they may join us for specialized tasks. We help you drive floor level changes. We understand your people have busy work schedules and will work 24/7 as needed to mentor, coach, analyze, communicate, and arrange feedback. We conduct training with the key managers and supervisors to improve their team effectiveness. Then we continue to work with your key managers and employees to maximize their new focus, effectiveness, commitment, and success at achieving accelerated improvements.

We fully expect your success to continue after our intensive involvement. We strongly believe in the need for follow-up. We will arrange for periodic reports and necessary visits to ensure that you capture gains, and continue to exceed your targets in the years ahead.