"Moving Mills to Peak Performance and Optimum Recovery"


Our Approach: Phase II

This phase is a joint partnership of your managers and our staff. We become an integral part of your team: We jointly launch your campaign with employee communication meetings.

II: Together we review with your employees the findings of the employee surveys and indicate how the campaign will address some of their issues.

We begin a process of celebrating history, past successes, and outline the steps to success in your campaign.

We schedule your leadership team to attend a Leadership Team Advance session which by itself will substantially improve your manager's performance.

We identify major areas of opportunity. With your leadership team, we determine the primary focus for our efforts. We develop action plans for each specific area to begin to close the gap between the current situation and your ideal state.

Most plants have some of the following opportunities:

  • Improve resource allocation and utilization
  • Reduce costs in the supply chain
  • Improve safety performance and employee morale
  • Improve productivity through increased machine speed, and efficiency
  • Reduce machine downtime due to both planned and unplanned maintenance