"Moving Mills to Peak Performance and Optimum Recovery"


Client Feedback
"Mike, how are things? Just to let you know we are now averaging 210,000 Fbm per shift every month on production at the planer. We had to shut down in October for 2 weeks because we were running out of wood at the planer. Never seen in the history of this mill. Take care."
Dry-End Supt for Sawmill in Ontario, Canada

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Turbo Wood Vision

Turbo Wood is the premier provider of performance improving consulting and leadership alignment programs for wood products companies. Our clients secure and maintain competitive advantage through maximum utilization of all resources and create a culture of true empowerment leading to sustained success.

These are challenging, changing times in the Wood Products Industry

  • Consolidation of Ownership and Capacity
  • Foreign Competition
  • Environmental Pressures
  • Rising Raw Material Costs
  • Rising Energy Costs
  • Rising total labor costs
  • Scarcity of Skilled Labor
  • Stagnation of the Domestic Market
  • Demand for Certified Wood